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BrainEngine 6 is Here!

The world’s best Force.com IDE just got better

Lightning Enabled new

Advanced support for Lightning Components and the new Lighnting Design System.

Simulated Debugger new

Allows you to playback your Salesforce checkpoints in a simulated debugging environment.

Package Manager new

Innovative framework simplfies the process of creating and maintaining Ant pacakges.

Code Analysis new

Allows you view the unused methods, variables and properties within your classes & Triggers.

Task Board new

Easily mangement your outstanding development tasks using a simple, drag-n-drop environment.

Deployment Module new

BrainEngine makes system deployments a snap with comprehensive metadata support.

SOQL and SQL Support

Unique data management tools includes support for both SOQL and SQL queries.

Coding Assistance

BrainEngine brings a Visual Studio-like coding experience to the Force.com platform.

Test Runner

Easily run and investigate test results directly from within the IDE.

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