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About the BrainEngine Platform

BrainEngine is the world's first development-as-a-service platform for building Force.com solutions.

Platform Modules

Desktop IDE - BrainEngine Cloud Studio is the world's premier IDE for Force.com development.

Cloud IDE - BrainEngine includes the world's first browser based IDE for building Force.com Applications.

Deployment Services - BrainEngine makes Salesforce deployments a snap with automated build policies and continuous integration functionality.

Preview Upcoming Features

The BrainEngine Winter 15 release is almost here!. Here's a sneak preview of some of the upcoming features.

Code Analysis

BrainEngine helps developers analyze their Apex code.

Lighting Support

BrainEngine now includes support for the new Salesforce1 Lighting framework.


BrainEngine streamlines and accelerates the entire Dev-To-Prod release management process.

Download BrainEngine

Download BrainEngine Cloud Studio and experience the premier development solution for building Force.com applications.

BrainEngine IDE

BrainEngine was built from the ground up to support both beginners and professional Force.com developers!


Version:, Summer 14 - Released: September 1, 2014
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